"We All Live Downstream - Choices Matter!"

Janet Petersen, GCII President, 2013-2015

Welcome to Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc., a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. We are a Community of 16 garden clubs with nearly 500 members throughout the State of Idaho. Activities of our clubs include civic beautification funded through grants, charitable donations, and fundraising.

Clubs annually sponsor horticultural education and other interesting botanical seminars. Individual clubs regularly organize presentations about landscapes and gardening, including cultivating and growing a variety of plants. Garden Clubs of Idaho also awards annual scholarships to college students for the study of horticulture and related areas. Flower Show Schools and Landscape Schools are offered to anyone who might be interested, whether or not in a club. Individual clubs may regularly compete for State, Regional, and National awards.

We, the Garden Clubs of Idaho, invite you to become an active member in one of Idaho's garden clubs. A garden club will give you access to people who are experienced in gardening in your locality and we would hope you would find this assistance invaluable. If interested, please refer to our "Find a Club" page for details of clubs in your area. If you need help in locating a club, please contact me at janetnpeter@gmail.com.

Janet Petersen
GCII President
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